Welcome to Insight Computer Architecture Lab

Welcome! We are a research group working in the area of computer architecture and systems. Our goal is to generate insights necessary in order to architect future computers that are more energy-efficient, capable, reliable, and secure.


Feb 2022

Adwait named as a recipient of 2022 Plumeri Award for Faculty Excellence. Thanks William & Mary!

Jan 2022

Hongyuan successfully graduated. He plans to join Assistant Professor at Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (Guangzhou). Congrats Dr. Liu!

Nov 2021

Hongyuan successfully defended his Ph.D. Dissertation. Congrats Hongyuan!

Sep 2021

Adwait is designated as Adina Allen Associate Professor of Computer Science at William & Mary.

Sep 2021

Hongyuan presented our paper at CLUSTER 2021.

Aug 2021

Adwait received tenure and promotion at William & Mary.

July 2021

Paper accepted at Cluster 2021 (in collaboration with ANL). Congrats Hongyuan!

June 2021

Gurunath presented our paper at DSN 2021.

May 2021

Mohamed received Distinguished Dissertation Award from Arts & Sciences. Congrats Mohamed!

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