We are interested in all aspects of computer architecture with a special focus on performance, reliability, and security of heterogeneous architectures and accelerators. We aim to generate insights for architecting future computers that are more energy-efficient, capable, reliable, and secure. For more details, please refer to Prof. Jog’s website.

Our research group is currently supported by:

  1. Google Research Scholar Award 2021

  2. NSF CAREER Award 2018-2024

  3. Adina Allen Professorship and Plumeri Award from William & Mary (from July 1, 2022).

  4. NVIDIA Equipment Donation

Past Funding:

  1. DOE/ANL Subcontract 2021

  2. NSF SHF Award (2017-2021)

  3. NSF CRII Award (2017-2020)

  4. Internships: AMD (Mohamed Ibrahim), Intel (Hongyuan Liu and Gurunath Kadam), PNNL (Haonan Wang).

  5. W&M start-up and other internal funds